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The Henry Viscardi School offers their students a traditional education environment while servicing their physical and life-sustaining medical needs.  They give their students the opportunity to grow and develop leadership skills while also meeting their educational goals, in their fully accessible facility.  They also strive to meet their physical goals to encourage independence using multiple therapies while also providing medical support.   The majority of the students use power wheelchairs and augmentative communication technology and require medical supervision.  Some disablilies Henry Vicardi encounters are Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Spina Bifida, Traumatic Brain Injury, Osteogenesis Imperfecta and Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  

The CP school of Ulster is a school that can accommodate a variety of special needs even though their students are widely on the cerebral palsy spectrum.  Their school is handicap accessible and focus primary on daily living skills and some academics depending on the student. 

At WPS they review each individual student to determinate their exact learning needs and then make a curriculum for them accordingly.  They also will try to learn about the student as a person so they can bring out that students unique abilities as well.  They understand that chrilden do not all learn the same way and if the student is dyslexic, has executive functioning difficulties or has nonverbal learning disorders this may be a school to consider.

The Walden School is just like your typical NY State school with the same daily routine, book fairs, talent shows, morning announcements and more, for students grades kindergarten though six.  What is unique about the Walden school is that they are dedicated to educate their students with emotional, social, and behavioral needs.  Their students differ from autism and development disorders to children with language-based disabilities.  

Pines Bridge School is for students ages 5 though 21, with multiple disabilities.  They offer high levels of physical therapy to their students so they can become as independent as possible and confident.  Pines bridge classes are considerably small with  aids and teachers assistants so the students can gain the most individualizes attention.  The school has all kinds of students with wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and all kinds of adaptive walking devices.  Pines Bridge School offers a great learning environment to theirs students with physical, vocational, social, emotional, sensory, cognitive needs.

The Bridge School at Rye Brook offers extensive to their students to help reach their academic goals and learn what may be possible for them beyond school, while working with the families and school educators.  The Bridge School is a New York State Department of Education approved non-public school for students with disabilities ages 5 though 21.  The Bridge School at Rye Brook works hard to for their students to reach their academic potential using their individual educational plan (IEP).                         
​Day Care and Preschool services also provided.  

Mount Pleasant-Blythedale School is the only public New York State to educate a hospital population.  Students are hospitalized or are day students that all receive rehabilitation and medial services.  They staff work hard to create a fun education while also treating their medial needs.

Green Chimneys is a school for children to learn in a very structured environment to meed their academic and emotional needs with the hope of them returning to their home district self empowered and confidence to succeed.  

Westchester Exceptional  Children's School is for children with autism, multiple disabilities, and medical needs.  Their goal is for their students to succeed in their own individual ways.

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Every child is unique and sometimes they need other accommodations or environments to best learn to their ability.  

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