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Physical/Occupational Therapy 

This is a very unique type of PT.  Medic Physical Therapy is focused on stimulating and integrating the body’s postural reflexes.  It is focus on infant and children and teaches their bodies with low motor skills to learn those skills with little to no adaptive equipment. 

POM is a dedicated team to provide children with developmental delays to strive and enhance their lives.  They keep the family and caregivers involved and updated on progress.  They have two locations one in Purchase and one in Brewster, NY.

Developmental Steps is a organization owned and run by licensed physical therapist.  They help children challenged with developmental and physical.  They have two locations, Port Chester and Mount Kisco.

Out of Pleasantville Westchester   Childrens Therapy is a therapy center that does it all.  They offer speech, occupational, physical, and feeding therapy.  They also offer home programs, parent training, individual and group treatment.  

Other Supports

PRPH is a parent founded, organization dedicated to providing high quality recreational opportunities for children and adults with special needs and disabilities.

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